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A man takes his 99-year-old grandmother…
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A man takes his 99-year-old grandmother into his arms, recreating an old photo for her birthday

July 24, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

Whoever has - or has had - the opportunity of getting to know their grandparents knows just how fortunate they are/were. Although parents are definitely important, grandparents are even more important in a child's life: they distill happiness and wisdom, tell the best stories, and offer the greatest advice.

Not all grandparents are appreciated in their families like they deserve, though. Being old used to be a good thing: you were respected, revered, and listened to. These days, the elderly members of the family are often looked at as a burden or overlooked. But not in every case. The love Lury has for his grandmother is immense, and he has the photos to prove it. For Cotinha's 99th birthday, Lury posted some heartfelt photos of the two together, which later took the internet by storm.  

Taking a look at old family photos is always like taking a journey back through time. After finding an old photo of him and his grandmother, Lury wanted to recreate it immediately. However, instead of jumping back into her arms, like in the original photo, he wanted to reverse the roles. This time, it would be him holding Cotinha in his arms.   

He posted the original photo and the recreation side by side on his Instagram page. It may be true that the roles have been reversed in the photos, but one thing has remained the same between Lury and his grandmother: their love for each other. Lury loves and respects his grandmother as much as he did when he was a little kid, and maybe even more so! After all, it's when we grow older that we realize just how important the relationships with our gradparents really are. 

Lury is already aware of all this, and his Instagram photos definitely show it. To the photo, he added the caption "I am so lucky to have a grandmother that's as special as mine. Today is your day, mamaw, and I am so happy to be here and celebrate it with you."


And we can't be happier for them! It's so wonderful to know that grandchildren like lury still exist in the world! 

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