The grandmother who always sewed wonderful blankets: her grandchildren honor her by exhibiting them in church during the funeral -
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The grandmother who always sewed wonderful…
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The grandmother who always sewed wonderful blankets: her grandchildren honor her by exhibiting them in church during the funeral

By Alison Forde

When a grandparent passes, it is inevitable to feel a feeling of despair and "emptiness", not only, obviously, for the loss, but also because with the elderly we lose real pieces of history, remnants of generations that are no longer represented by the many people alive, whose memory is in danger of being lost forever.

However, a person is often remembered for what he has done, and in fact there is no better way to honor his life than by reflecting and making known to everyone what they have done. The relatives of the Nebraska grandmother who passed away at the age of 89, therefore, devised a really moving and original way to celebrate her funeral. How? By exhibiting her beautiful knitted "creations".

Her name was Margaret Hubl and her greatest passion, during her old age, was undoubtedly sewing. The granny spent hours and hours making blankets for friends and family. She was very skilled in her tailoring work and that is why, when she passed away, her funeral would not have been complete if they had not brought back her wonderful creations.

Everyone who went to say goodbye to Margaret was asked to bring the blankets sewn by the woman. In this way, the church benches were covered with the colors of those splendid blankets, paying homage, with a very beautiful sight, to the greatest passion of the American granny.

There were more than 100 quilts - but Mrs Hubl certainly made more - an incredible number if we consider that they were made by hand by one person, and that every single blanket requires painstaking work. Margaret's grandchildren, in fact, found that their grandmother was scrupulously keeping track of all the blankets she worked on, and they could not help but pay homage to her ability.


"It was really a special moment - commented one of the old woman's grandchildren - in grandmother's covers there was all the love she had for us". And we are sure that this old woman's thoughtful gifts will always keep the memory of her alive, to testify - if it is still needed - how important grandparents are.


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