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A policeman comforts a 4-year-old boy…
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A policeman comforts a 4-year-old boy after a car accident by holding him tightly

July 20, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Images of an Ecuadorian police officer quickly went around the world thanks to the truly human and generous gesture that he made after a traffic accident which occurred on a large arterial road in the capital of the South American nation, Quito. Ramon Salazar, a 35-year-old policeman, very tenderly consoled a 4-year-old boy who was crying inconsolably after a road traffic accident. The images immediately went viral.

"I became aware of the accident and saw a lady who needed help getting out of the car. I came back with my first aid kit, but suddenly I heard the boy's cry which immediately drew my attention." Ramon told the media. When the man saw that the lady had already been helped, the policeman instinctively launched himself into seeing what he could do for little Dilan who was crying. Unfortunately, the child was a foreigner and did not speak Spanish, but when it comes to empathy, solidarity and sensitivity, there are no barriers and only one language is spoken: that of solidarity.

"I wrapped him up by putting a blanket around us, hugged him and tried to comfort him." There was nothing Ramon could do at the moment except to try to calm the child who was crying out for help. Ramon then pulled out his phone and it occurred to him what he would do if it were his son.

For Ramon, who also has a 4-year-old son and has worked since he was 15 in the Quito Police, it was like helping his own little boy: in the minutes after the accident, he held him tight and distracted him with a funny video on his own cell phone. The action obviously did not go unnoticed, the images quickly made the rounds of the web and finally even the city police force officially congratulated Ramòn for his simple but splendid gesture.

Congratulations Ramòn for comforting this child in a very delicate moment!


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