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A cat who never meowed wakes the whole…
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A cat who never meowed wakes the whole family up at night and saves them from a gas leak

July 20, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Often the most heroic actions come from those who we just don't expect it from. We are talking about all those timely gestures thanks to which people and animals manage to save the lives of those around them, whether they are family members, friends or simply creatures in danger.

We also wrote "animals", because the protagonist of the story we are about to tell you is a cat, a totally unexpected hero because of his shy and silent character who, however, in a moment of serious risk for his human friends, knew to bring forth all his courage and warn them of a danger that would have killed them.

via: FOX 19

Ever since the American Kecskes family, from Ohio, adopted him, the cat Boo has never been a "talkative" cat. He very rarely - almost never - meowed or made other noises, and his reserved character has always epitomized him, so much so that he was often the object of irony by his human friends.

However, when a situation of serious danger arose for him and his family, Boo found his voice, and he did it like never before in his life. What happened to trigger this sudden change? Simple: an escape of carbon monoxide from an old boiler in the middle of the night, into the atmosphere of the house where everyone was sleeping. Everyone, except Boo who, became aware of the fearsome odorless, colorless and super-toxic gas, and alerted his family.

Meowing as loud as he could, he managed to wake everyone up, just a few minutes before the situation turned catastrophic. The effects of carbon monoxide were already beginning to be felt: the Kecskes couple managed to get out of their bed and wake their daughter just before she passed out. The same cat Boo, while continuing to meow, passed out several times, and then recovered, with strength and tenacity, until he was certain that his humans were safe.

It is not clear how this heroic cat managed to pick up on the carbon monoxide in the air, since, just like us humans, cats also cannot smell it. Certainly, however, he understood that something was wrong, and he had to do something. Without his intervention, the family would have ended up intoxicated by this invisible killer. The family, all of them dizzy, immediately called for help and luckily firefighters managed to rescue everyone, including the cat.


Boo's courage and heroism, however, deserved a reward: so much so that PETA, an organization that supports animal rights, dedicated to him the recognition of "heroic cat", precisely for having saved his humans by putting himself at risk. Congratulations to this whiskered hero!

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