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15 animals that have been adopted and…
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15 animals that have been adopted and have repaid their owners with cuddles and smiles

By Alison Forde

Whether they are cats or dogs, once they cross the threshold of your home, they will change your life forever. And for the better. Yes, because the animals who are living in shelters are waiting for nothing more than to be adopted by an affectionate and loving family, to have a roof over their heads where they can sleep peacefully, perhaps nestled in the arms of their favorite humans. This gallery of adoptions and rescues will not only warm your heart, but will convince you to adopt a four-legged friend!

This newly adopted dog can't stop hugging his new mistress

When I adopted her I thought I couldn't make her happy, in fact I think I have achieved this!


My first ever adopted cat ... it can't stop hugging me!

We adopted this 11 year old cat ... he and my 13 year old daughter have become inseparable!

"I just adopted a dog": here is the photo my friend sent me!


The unlikely friendship between a stray dog and a pelican; in the end the dog was adopted!

I found it soaking wet outside my office: I think I found my best friend!

image: Kir1ll/Reddit

As soon as I went to the shelter, he immediately jumped on me: it was love at first sight!

First selfie with my newly adopted dog! We are so happy!


I am single and I had decided to spend the Christmas holidays with friends: here is my newly adopted partner!

This is the third adoption we have made to our family: welcome Daisy!

I have no idea how he was not adopted on the first day he entered the shelter: I introduce you to Wombat!

Years ago I adopted this old dog: here is an image of happiness taken during his "vacation"!

At first she was very reluctant to meet new people: but then ...

I interrupted them while they were quietly watching television .... and I only adopted the dog a few days ago!

Whether they are cats or dogs, rest assured: once you have adopted them and brought them home with you, they will bring you the most beautiful and tender moments of your life!

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