A disabled boy visits his mom's grave…
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A disabled boy visits his mom's grave to tell her that he graduated: "I did it"

July 06, 2020 • By Alison Forde

A degree is an important goal for everyone. It doesn't matter what age you are, the important thing is to achieve the goal you have set yourself. There are those who take the minimum years necessary to bring home such an important qualification and those who take many more. There is no need to judge the timing of others, because we don't know the stories behind certain choices. This boy with disabilities has succeeded in the difficult task of graduating - a more than worthy result that he wanted to share with his mother, the one he loves the most. On the day of his graduation, he went to visit the cemetery.

These are the most important moments in life, those in which we reach important goals, which we want to share with our family. This boy, in fact, immediately went to tell his mom one very important thing: he finally graduated. Unfortunately, Mum had died a few years earlier, but he has found a way to "talk to her" even if she is not physically present with him every day.

A gesture that testifies to the love that bound this son to his mother and that still binds them. In the moving video, the boy greets mom with joy by saying "I did it! Today I graduated!" It's a pity that she could not be present, but we are sure that in her heart she certainly was. At the end, the young man places a bouquet of yellow flowers near his mother's grave and sends her a kiss before leaving.


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