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Miner finds two rare gemstones and becomes…
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Miner finds two rare gemstones and becomes a millionaire: he spends all of his money on opening a school

By Cylia Queen

Some stories have a powerful message to them; it's enough to read them to understand that a person's luck can change almost instantly. For good or for bad. 

In Saniniu Laizer's case, his luck changed for the better. A 52-year-old minor from Tanzania, Saniniu never knew what it was like to be rich. In fact, the only way he knew he'd be able to provide for his family was choosing one of the most dangerous and exhausting jobs that exists. Fate, however, had another plan for him. 

via: BBC

Have you ever heard stories that you thought were too good to be true? We thought so: Saniniu thought the same thing. He was convinced that nothing spectacular would ever happen to him. He was, after all, just a simple minor from Tanzania. In the span of one night, however, everything changed for Saniniu: he became a millionaire. 

His becoming a millionaire is not the usual story we think of, like someone winning the lottery. Saniniu's story is even more spectacular. One day, while he was working in one of the mines, Saniniu discovered two rare tanzanite gemstones, which get their name from their country of origin, Tanzania. The rare mineral gained popularity around 1967 and is known for its  unique coloring, which, when held to light, gives off lots of beautiful blue and violet shades. They're used mostly for creating jewelry, so the two large blocks that Saniniu found basically added up to a small fortune.    

18 lbs and 12 lbs is what each of the gemstones ended up weighing respectively. Everyone knew that Saniniu's find was extremely rare, given that the biggest tanzanite ever to be found before that weighed 7 lbs. That meant that the gems that Saniniu had found valued over 3 million dollars. The best part of the story, though, is yet to come. 

Aware of how lucky he was to find those tanzanite gemstones, Saniniu started to think immediately of what he could do with his money. Instead of keeping it all for himself, he decided to give it all back to his community. How did he spend his money, then? Building a school for all the poor families that lived in the area. Many families can't afford to send their children to school, because most are too far away. Now that Saniniu's school is there, kids can finally get the education they need for a better and brighter future. 


"I'm not educated, but I believe wholeheartedly in this project," Saniniu said. Apart from the school, he also has plans to biudling a shopping center that will give many people in his community a job. We can't think of a better example of pure altruism than what Saniniu did for the people in his community. When some people gain riches, they only think about themselves. Saniniu, on the other hand, gave it all to his community. We can only hope that more people will live by his example! 


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