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A moving photo which shows a grandfather…
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A moving photo which shows a grandfather holding his 17-year-old autistic grandson

By Alison Forde

It can be difficult to describe in words a moving moment like the one that we saw with grandfather Enzo and his grandson Fernando, a 17 year old boy with autism. The two are very close, together they dance and confide everything; their relationship is so special that Fernando's mom wanted to share a wonderful image of the two on Facebook, to testify the love that there can be between a grandfather and a grandson.

Vovô Fernando Murta ainda aguenta nosso neném autista de 17 anos. Enzo pede colo e vovô pega... dançam ao som do Bocelli, gospel e de sertanejos. Fotos de agora meio dia.

Pubblicato da Handiara L Murta su Giovedì 1 agosto 2019

In the photo, grandfather Enzo holds his seventeen-year-old grandson in his arms, showing unconditional love as he almost seems to want to "protect" him at all costs from the difficulties of life ... at least as long as he has the strength to do it. The two love to dance together to the sound of gospel music, sertanejo (a Brazilian musical genre typical of the 1920s) and Andrea Bocelli's songs. In this moving photo, grandfather Enzo and Fernando are dancing together: despite his white hair and beard, Enzo la Murta still manages to lift his grandson like in the past.

A post that provoked many reactions full of love and affection for this grandfather with a big heart!

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