They desperately searched for an envelope containing $1000 only to find that their son destroyed it in the shredder -
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They desperately searched for an envelope…
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They desperately searched for an envelope containing $1000 only to find that their son destroyed it in the shredder

July 09, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Children, we know, are not always clear on the value of money. For them notes and coins are simply pieces of paper and shiny objects that can be used for play, or maybe for some fun pastime. Fun for a kid, sure, but a little less fun for his parents ...

Jackee and Ben Belnap, husband and wife have learned at their expense (it is appropriate to say!), that it is better not to leave their money unattended in the house, especially when their little son Leo is around.

via: CBS Miami

The image is one of those which, at a simple glance, literally make your heart cry. Over 1000 dollars in minutely shredded  bank notes would not leave anyone indifferent. This is exactly what the two American parents found themselves with after days and days of searching for the missing money. But let's take a step back.

Jackee and Ben had laboriously saved the $1060 after receiving a loan from Ben's parents. Intending to repay them, they had collected together banknote after banknote and they kept the nest egg in an envelope. When it came to handing it over to Leo's grandparents, there was no trace of the money.

The envelope had literally evaporated. Jackee and Ben immediately started looking for it, also suspecting that thieves could have entered the house. Eventually, however, Jackee realized: Leo really likes to play with the shredder they have, and often helps his mother destroy the mail which is to be thrown away. So, she went to look in the shredded paper and was stunned by the horrible surprise.

The 1060 dollars were there, in thin strips, and it was clear that, in that condition, it would not be of much use ... It was quite a shock, but in the end the two looked at the funny side of the situation, taking to the web and causing amazed and amused reactions from thousands of viewers.


Leo is only 2 years old and did not really realize what he was doing: for him, it was just another piece of fun - but a very expensive moment of enjoyment at home. Fortunately, according to the couple's report, the money could be partially recovered, thanks to the help of the Treasury, where they sent the shredded banknotes.

Certainly, after reading about such an episode and having a small child in the family, many will think twice before buying a shredder or leaving money unattended! 


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