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A wheeled loading shovel truck is moving…
For an 85-year-old woman a wheelchair is not needed -- thanks to yoga! A truck full of pigs need water --- what happens is so touching ...

A wheeled loading shovel truck is moving --- but who is driving it?


A Chinese worker brings his 5-year-old son to the construction site where he works, to film his son, whose expertise is very high despite his young age.

In fact, the young boy quickly and confidently climbs up the stairs leading to the cockpit of a huge wheeled loading shovel truck; he is not joking and he does not waste any time before setting the truck in motion and immediately starts to drive it like an old pro. 

It may seem dangerous but do not worry, the little boy's father oversees all of his son's maneuvers. In any case, just by watching his father at work this little boy has quickly learned how to drive a wheeled loading shovel truck ... Bravo!


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