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A man is forced to collect garbage to…
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A man is forced to collect garbage to live after his fiancée spent all his money

July 10, 2020 • By Alison Forde

There are people in the world for whom feelings play a truly marginal role in their relationships with others, so much so that, in the name of material gains and wealth, they are willing to trample on them in the most rude and sensational ways. In fact, we think of those people who perhaps decide to meet and hang out with a person only for their financial opportunities: many will have witnessed such stories, and what we are about to tell you is rather exemplary in this sense.

This happened at the expense of a German man who, after getting to know online someone he believed to be the right woman for him, had to change his mind within a short time, finding himself in uncomfortable conditions to say the least, precisely because of the greed of his " partner ", in addition to being in a faraway country.

image: KAMI.com.ph

It all started when the two met on the web and a flame immediately sparked between them that led them to deepen the relationship. With her being in the Philippines and he in Germany, they decided that they would meet in the eastern country, in the city of Cebu.

The relationship, however, quickly turned out to be different from what it looked like: the girl reportedly only had an interest in finding a wealthy person to meet her economic needs, and she did so with the German tourist.

image: KAMI.com.ph

According to the writer who told and shared the story on the Facebook page All About the Philippines, the man, 40 years old, met up with the young woman, and only that after some time together the woman gradually distanced herself from him, ending up abandoning him completely, but not before having spent all his money.

How she did it is not known: certainly the woman had decided to take full advantage of the unfortunate man, who unfortunately,because of the scam, ended up in a really poor situation. His story, in fact, was made known after he was seen wandering the city of Mandaue practically homeless, searching through the trash in search of some money to be earned by collecting the garbage.

From a tourist in search of love, therefore, this man has become destitute, forced to live for years in a country far from his own, collecting garbage to buy food. Stories like this, unfortunately, happen everywhere in the world, and they say a lot about how people can succeed, inventing and lying about important feelings, to hurt those who believe in them.


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