School denies admission to a girl with an IQ higher than Einstein's: their loss is another school's gain -
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School denies admission to a girl with…
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School denies admission to a girl with an IQ higher than Einstein's: their loss is another school's gain

By Cylia Queen

After taking the Mensa IQ test, Mia Golosino had her heart set on attending Aylesbury High Grammar School, one of Great Britain's most prestigious private high schools. Receiving a 162 on her IQ test, Mia is considered one of the most intelligent girls in the world. This didn't seem, however, to impress Aylesbury High, given that they ultimately rejected her application after claiming they had already received "too many applicants".  

via: Metro

Mensa is an international non-profit organization whose main goal is to bring highly intelligent people together and encourage the spirit of collaboration and innovation. Anyone can become a member, as long as they have an IQ in the top 2% of the world's population. Once Mia received her results back from Mensa, there was no doubt that she was among the 2%. She even demonstrated having an IQ greater than that of Albert Einstein, who preseumably had an IQ of 160.  

Once Aylesbury High heard that she had been accepted into the Mensa association, they seemed more interested in accepting her application. Unfortunately for them, it was too late: Mia had already accepted an even more enticing offer from the Royal Latin School of Buckingham. Your loss, Aylesbury! 


Mia originally wanted to go to an all girl's school because she was afraid that she might be judged or made fun of by her male companions. We hope, however, that her IQ test will give her the confidence she needs to believe in herself and overcome whatever obstacle comes in the way of obtaining her dreams! Mia would like to become a judge one day, and we have no doubt that she'll get there! Good luck, Mia, on your academic journey! We wish you nothing but the best! 


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