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A police officer saves a newborn baby…
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A police officer saves a newborn baby from suffocating; parents ask him to become the baby's godfather

June 22, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

Being a police officer is hard work. To perform their job well, they oftentimes come off as tough guys, but they definitely know when to tone their intimidating side down when the situation calls for it. In one particular case, a police officer from Berkley County, South Carolina, saved the life of a newborn baby who almost suffocated to death. The baby survived thanks to the officer's quick thinking and "gentle touch". 

via: ABC News 4

In June 2019, William Kimbro, a police officer who lives in Berkley County, SC, was on duty when he pulled over a car going over the speed limit. Once he reached the driver's window, however, he didn't expect to be confronted with a life or death situation: the driver and front seat passenger's infant child was on the verge of suffocating to death. The couple were only speeding because they were trying to get to the hospital as fast as they could. 

After calling the ambulance, William took immediate action and started performing infant CPR on the child. Infant CPR is comprised of soft, gentle compressions performed at the rate of 100/120 beats per minute. 

The right place at the right time? God’s plan? Some call it true destiny. One year ago today, several lives changed...

Pubblicato da Berkeley County Sheriff's Office su Giovedì 11 giugno 2020

Thanks to Officer Kimbro's "gentle touch," little Ryleigh's life was saved! Because of his quick-thinking, the Berkley County's sherriff awarded Kimbro a special badge of honor. The appreciation Kimbro received for saving Ryleigh didn't stop there, however. A year later, Ryleigh's parents asked Kimbro to attend her 1st birthday party. A week later, they surprisingly asked him to become Ryleigh's Godfather! 

Moved by the family's request, Kimbro couldn't say no! It must have been a joyous occasion, attending little Ryleigh's baptism. If it weren't for Kimbro, Ryleigh might not be alive today. What an honorable way for Ryleigh's parents to honor the man that saved their child. Way to go, Officer Kimbro!    


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