The husband left cold drinks in the street for the garbage collectors: when he dies, the wife continues the generosity -
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The husband left cold drinks in the…
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The husband left cold drinks in the street for the garbage collectors: when he dies, the wife continues the generosity

By Alison Forde

When a good-hearted person passes away, the loss is not only for his loved ones, but for entire communities. There are women and men, in fact, who with their daily actions manage to do good and be remembered in the most beautiful ways, even though they leave us before their time, when no one would have expected it.

If we think about it for a moment, maybe almost everyone has known people like that. One of them was Charlie, a man who, in New Jersey, died at the age of just 57, leaving an unbridgeable void in the life of his wife Velvet, and not only for her. The reason is not difficult to guess, given his character and the gestures of which he carreid out. Acts of generosity that his wife has decided to "inherit", keeping them going and carrying them forward.

In his community, Charlie was known to all for his availability and kindness: he was always ready to take care of those who needed help, without distinction. He was a bartender by profession, and for his clients he was a true institution. When summer came and the heat became more and more suffocating, he never missed an opportunity to help even perfect strangers. The garbage collectors who passed in front of his house, in this case, tired, hot and weakened, were the object of his attention.

Noticing their condition, he did not hesitate a moment, he ran into the house and brought them glasses and a jug of fresh water, quenching their thirst and making them sit for a moment in a shady corner. The following day, aware that the garbage collectors would pass by, he left them a portable fridge on the street: inside, ice, water, fresh drinks and even plenty of food.


The event quickly made the rounds of the district, and many people, tired by hard work, knew that they could stop and refresh themselves thanks to Charlie's kindness. It all ended when the man, unfortunately, suddenly died of a heart attack. In his place, however, his wife Velvet decided to honor his memory by carrying on what he did. So when the hot season came back, she again left water in the portable fridge for the garbage collectors and  local workers. On the fridge, she also left a note in which she told of her husband's death.

The generous and kind-hearted gesture got so much publicity that in many other neighborhoods, many refrigerators similar to that made available by Charlie have sprung up almost by magic. What can we say: traditions, especially beautiful ones like this one, must be respected, and Velvet knew perfectly how to do it. Congratulations to husband and wife, and to those who follow in their footsteps: the world really needs altruism!


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