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He asks the neighbor where her husband…
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He asks the neighbor where her husband is, but she replies that he has passed away: he leaves everything and runs to embrace her

By Alison Forde

Aldon O'neill Ward III hit the headlines as the "best neighbor in the world" thanks to a simple gesture of humanity that moved the whole neighborhood and beyond. Aldon is the classic smiling guy, who will surely be able to put you in a good mood just with his presence; always kind and generous, Aldon stood out in the neighborhood as a good neighbor. Aldon always greets and is happy to have a chat with someone in front of his driveway, even when he does not know their name. Since 2011, for example, he has always greeted an elderly couple from his neighborhood who usually passed in front of his house whenever they decided to take a walk. One day, however, he noticed that the woman walked alone and with a distressed air: that day Aldon went out into the street to embrace "a stranger" and give her comfort.

Aldon could not have imagined that the lady, who he had seen walking for years with her husband, had just lost the love of her life. When he saw her pass in front of his house, Aldon was intent on watering his courtyard and, as usual, at the sight of that sweet lady he raised his arm in greeting. The woman turned and the young man asked her politely and pleasantly: "Where did leave your better half today?"

The woman moved her head dejectedly - a reaction that those who are about to give bad news often have. "He's gone," replied the woman in tears. Aldon's heart stopped at hearing the woman say those words and without even thinking twice, put down the water pipe and ran as fast as possible to her, to embrace her.


He did not know her name at all, but it could have been his grandmother or mother, and his gesture seemed decidedly spontaneous: a person needed comfort and it was the only thing that mattered. The woman felt a little better thanks to Aldon's embrace and went on to say: "I try to do what we usually did together ... I needed him so much".

This woman's heart has been irreparably broken after the death of her beloved husband, who no one will ever be able to return to her, but at least we know that there will always be someone willing to listen and embrace her in times of need.

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