This 4-year-old boy managed to defeat…
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This 4-year-old boy managed to defeat Coronavirus despite fighting cancer

June 17, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Archie is a 4 year old boy who unfortunately is going through a very difficult period. The fight against cancer that has been going on since 2019 was not enough, he has also been challenged by Coronavirus. With the outbreak of the pandemic, Archie's parents took all possible precautions to prevent their son from being infected, but it wasn't enough. In any case, Archie is now cured of the virus and although he must continue to undergo chemotherapy, he now gives hope to all those parents concerned about the fate of their sick children.

Archie was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in January 2019, a tumor that affects younger people. Since then he has always shown that he is a warrior, facing the physical and psychological difficulties of the disease. With the spread of Covid-19, his parents promptly took precautions because they were aware that their child was at risk. They avoided any contact with other people, but evidently it was not enough.

Archie tested positive for Coronavirus after having a mild fever. The boy and his father were hospitalized, while the mother stayed at home with Archie's twin brother, named Henry. These were difficult days for the family who were not only separated but also had to remain locked down in there home. Luckily Archie and dad showed improvement after a few days and were discharged. The isolation had to continue at home, but at least the family could get back together.


Archie's parents don't hide their fear for his already precarious health condition, not knowing how Coronavirus would have attacked his immune system. Archie, however, did not lose heart and continued to fight like a little hero. Today he can say he has defeated the virus and although he still faces the long path of chemotherapy, he gives hope and courage to all those parents who fear for their sick children.

Come on little Archie!


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