An elderly couple get thrown out of their house after their grandson secretly sold it -
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An elderly couple get thrown out of…
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An elderly couple get thrown out of their house after their grandson secretly sold it

May 20, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

When we think of family, words like "unconditional love," and "dependability" often come to mind. In times of difficulty, they are the people we rely on for financial and emotional support. This, however, isn't always the case. For Hank and Helen, they tragically discovered that family can also have an ugly side. 

California residents, Hank and Helen (88 and 87, respectively) have been living in their house for the last 56 years. One day, a neighbor passed by and asked them why they were selling their house. A bit baffled, the couple asked where the neighbor had heard this news. Turns out, their grandson had listed their house for sale online without even consulting them about it. 

They also found out that their grandson had already begun talking with realtors and potential buyers. In addition, he had also tricked them into signing documents that would allow him to sell their house. When Hank and Helen signed the documents, they thought they were co-signing to help him get a bank loan. They thought nothing of it because 1) he was their grandson and 2) he assured them that nothing bad would happen to them.  

The reality of the situation, however, was a completely different story. Soon enough, a letter arrived from the bank claiming that they were going to take posession of their house, given their grandson was unable to pay back the loans he took out in their name. The couple were forced to move in with their daughter and, after 56 wonderful years, they had to say good-bye to their house. 


The news was a shock to the entire neighborhood. One neighbor, the same one that confronted Hank and Helen about seeing their house for sale online, decided to created a GoFundMe for the elderly couple. Many people were generous with their donations, which guaranteed that Hank and Helen would not go hungry or homeless. A few months later, Hank unfortunately passed away. Helen, at least, is being taken care of and will live out the rest of her years knowing that she is safe and will never be in need of anything. 

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