An abandoned puppy "asks for help" from two officers on the street: they adopt him as a police dog -
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An abandoned puppy "asks for help" from…
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An abandoned puppy "asks for help" from two officers on the street: they adopt him as a police dog

By Alison Forde

Sometimes the most beautiful stories and friendships arise from the most critical situations, those destined to last because they started in difficult conditions. It is not only so for human beings, but also and above all for animals. Just like the adorable puppy dog protagonist of our story, an animal that has had a bad experience but which, fortunately, managed to get out of it healthy, safe and with the certainty of a better future.

The little pup had been abandoned and was wandering lost in the streets of Los Angeles, visibly frightened and disoriented. For him, things could have gone very badly, but luckily, on his way, he met two policemen, of whom he thought of "asking for help".

Officer Mercado and Officer Tavera were patrolling Hobart Boulevard when they spotted the beautiful brownish puppy wandering confused on the street. It was immediately clear that the puppy was in difficulty, and the confirmation came when the little dog started running towards the policemen, as if, somehow, he thought he could ask for help from them.

The little dog began to follow them, in desperate need of someone to protect him and give him some attention. His very young age, evidently, still did not allow him to look after himself. Abandoning an animal is, in itself, a cowardly and cruel act; leaving such a small puppy to this fate means condemning him to enormous risks.

And so, a particular feeling immediately arose between the puppy and Officer Mercado. The two policemen took him and brought him with them to the station, "introducing" him to all their colleagues and calling him Hobart, just like the street where he was found. Needless to describe the puppy's happiness: the welcome and attention that the police gave him were just what he was looking for. The agents were so impressed and pleased to get to know him that they even decided to place Hobart in the Los Angeles police dog unit, with an "honorary" title.


Young Officer Mercado adopted him, taking Hobart home with him and giving him all the necessary care and attention. Who knows if, once grown up, this lucky puppy will be trained to fight crime alongside the police.

Meanwhile, he can be sure that he has found a new life under the care of his favorite officer, a real hero for him.

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