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He is suffering from cancer and can…
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He is suffering from cancer and can no longer work in the fields: the neighbors mobilize to help him with the harvest

By Alison Forde

There are people who in life, more than others, have to struggle to get everything. There are not always reasons that explain it, yet it is just like that: many things that many take for granted, for others they are difficult and hard to reach. Carl Bates knows that: an American farmer from Illinois, he has long been fighting terminal cancer.

Unfortunately for him, not being able to work because of the disease means not being able to support himself, adding suffering to an already very complicated situation. The harvest, for each farmer, is a fundamental time, in which the fruits of his labor are obtained: Carl risked not being able to make it, but fortunately many people with a big heart ran to his aid.

via: FOX59 News

When the man realized that it would be very hard to complete the harvest, he really feared the worst. His crops were in danger of being lost, and he could not have covered his medical bills. It was at that point, however, that something incredible and unexpected happened.

A veritable army of local farmers from various areas surrounding the Bates's land rushed to help him out. The news that Carl was in trouble, moreover, had soon made the rounds of the neighborhood, and this galvanised the locals to organize themselves better to provide the support he needed.

Seeing them arrive at his property, Carl was incredulous: he would never have imagined such a mobilization in his favor. To the help of the neighbors was also added that of some companies that donated equipment and food for Bates and his family. In about 10 hours, the harvest was completed on over 180 hectares of his land: a job that Carl could never have done alone and in his condition of ill-health.

In short: a gesture of altruism and generosity that is nice to be able to tell; one of those stories that, in the midst of so much negativity, have the power to make us smile and a have little confidence in others.


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