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A kid with cancer has spent 3 years…
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A kid with cancer has spent 3 years at home looking at the world from a window: now he can finally go out

By Alison Forde

For little Quinn Waters, life began immediately as an uphill struggle: a brain tumor condemned him to spend the first years of his childhood locked up at home. The window was his only outlet on the outside world for 3 long years - years in which the whole city came to greet the little warrior. From Batman to the singer of the Dropkick Murphys, biker gangs, baseball teams and carnival parades: all paid tribute to little Quinn. Finally, for him, there is good news.

Luckily, life has returned to smile upon the very young warrior from Weymouth, near Boston (USA): the boy has received surprising news from the doctors ... news that he had been waiting for 3 long years. After a stem cell transplant, Quinn's condition began to improve significantly, so much so that doctors said they were stupified by his progress. Officially, it seems that there is no sign of the disease following the last X-ray; after such news, Quinn was able to finally leave the house and enjoy a day outdoors.

The first day he was able to go out, Quinn wanted to disguise himself as his favorite superhero: Toy Story Buzz Lightyear!


His isolation had started because of his weak immune system, especially after the transplant; the parents preferred to protect him from all possible ailments, such as common colds, by keeping him at home. Obviously, it was a difficult choice, but almost obligatory in Quinn's condition. His family has always updated the Facebook page "The Mighty Quinn" to get support and update folowers on the health condition of the little warrior.


And the support was never lacking: the whole city of Boston knows little Quinn and many people showed up at his window to greet him, bring him a gift or simply give him a smile.

We want to wish little Quinn all the happiness in the world!


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