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A girl writes to her dog that is no…
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A girl writes to her dog that is no longer there: the day after the postman delivers her a letter of thanks

May 06, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Between children and dogs there is a special relationship: the connection that is created between the little ones at home and four-legged friends is often such as to make their affection seem similar to what there can be between siblings. This was also the case for Maci and Kendal, a 4 year old girl and her little dog, sadly deceased at the age of 13.

It is not difficult to imagine what a trauma it could be for a child to lose the special friend he or she grew up with. This was also the case for Maci, inseparable with Kendal. The two were always together, companions in play and a thousand adventures. So when Kendal left, the little girl decided that she had to say goodbye to him in her own way.

 Despite the sadness and frustration at Kendal's passing, Maci wasted no time and told mom Crystal that she wanted to draw a dog and send it to heaven.

 So, with paper and felt-tip pen, she made a portrait of her beloved dog, to be delivered to let him know that she was missing him. The girl took her message so seriously that, when the postman came to the front of the house, he handed him the precious letter.


 Faced with such tenderness, Kendal's "reply" was not long in coming. The next day, the postman arrived with a letter for little Maci.

It was her little dog, from heaven, who "wrote" to thank her for her thought and reiterated his love, complete with a paw-shaped "signature".

The postman, with humanity and altruism, had made possible the sweet correspondence between the girl and her dog. And for Maci this was truly a huge gift, which filled her with happiness and made her feel a little closer to her Kendal. Now she knows that her four-legged friend will remain forever in her heart.

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