The borders are closed but they meet every day at the border just to be together: they are over 80 years old -
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The borders are closed but they meet…
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The borders are closed but they meet every day at the border just to be together: they are over 80 years old

April 10, 2020 • By Alison Forde

They don't miss a day without seeing each other: Inga, 85, lives in Denmark, while Karsten, 89, lives in Germany. With the Coronavirus epidemic in the world, many countries have closed their borders, physically preventing anyone from leaving their home and country. These limitations have not stopped the love of a couple of over 80 - Karsten and Inga meet each other every day, respecting the limit and keeping the right distance. Every day they toast to their love!

På dagens cykeltur lagde jeg vejen forbi Møllehus grænse. Her mødte jeg disse to dejlige mennesker. Hun, 85 år og bor i...

Pubblicato da Henrik Frandsen su Mercoledì 25 marzo 2020

He reaches the border by bicycle while she takes the car. When they arrive, they arrange the chairs, pour themselves drinks and chat in front of each other, keeping company for a while. He with a glass of grappa and she a cup of coffee: "I can't drink because I have to drive" said the likeable 85-year-old. Their story went viral after the mayor of the town of Tonden made it public on Facebook. Karsten lives in Süderlügum, Germany, while Inga lives in Gallehus, Denmark. Every afternoon the two meet at the Aventoft border post, where there is currently only one barrier closed to divide them. 

It's sad not to be able to hug and kiss, but the elderly couple have many plans for the future and hope to be able to see each other again in better conditions for Easter.

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