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He sees a girl on the roof opposite…
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He sees a girl on the roof opposite and sends his number to her with a drone: a flirtation is born at a distance

By Alison Forde

Jeremy Cohen, a young man from Brooklyn in New York, hadn't had a romantic date for a year, and certainly the sudden forced quarantine imposed by the American government to stem the devastating effects of Covid-19 has only exacerbated this sentimental lack. Until, Jeremy noticed a girl dancing on one of the roofs near his home, a girl who was dancing to pass time during the quarantine boredom. So, he decided to send her a drone ...

via: TIME

Jeremy is a professional photographer, so capturing details of landscapes is his stock in trade...

In these days of quarantine, he noticed a girl who was wildly dancing on her roof, and decided to get noticed by greeting her from afar with his wave ...


The girl noticed Jeremy's greeting, so the young man made a courageous decision: he brought back his drone and on a piece of paper he wrote his cell phone number ...

Jeremy then placed the precious "numerical code" on his flying machine ....

...And he made certain to send it to the girl's roof "next door"!


Flying flying ...

...Jeremy's drone has arrived at the destination, the house of Tori, the girl who danced wildly on the roof!


The girl was really excited after discovering that the drone carried the mysterious guy's cell phone number ...

... and in the end, Tori decided to write a message to Jeremy an hour later! Only one fundamental thing was missing: eating together, while respecting the social distance.


And with the help of Tori's roommate, dinner took place at 17.00 in the afternoon from both of their roofs. Better than nothing!

Obviously, Jeremy and Tori, despite the social distance, still continue to feel romantic from a roof away, and who knows how this date will go ...

Of course, love in the time of the Coronavirus can take really strange shapes and forms, but as long as there is someone like Jeremy ready to challenge the forced social distance to build human relationships, the world will always be a step further from destruction. We, like Jeremy and Tori, still believe in love, despite everything!

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