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A boy licks the toilet in a public bathroom…
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A boy licks the toilet in a public bathroom to "challenge" the Coronavirus: he is now hospitalized

By Alison Forde

A British boy, a real web influencer, reached hundreds of thousands of views on the social platform TikTok (very popular among teenagers) when he published a short video in which he literally licked the surface of a public toilet. The so-called "Coronavirus Challenge" then caught on among the young users of the social network, challenging the serious dangers of this virus in a rather reckless way, even among the youngest.

After this reprehensible gesture, it now appears that the British boy named Larz has been hospitalized, precisely because he seems to have been infected by Covid-19, as the boy seems to have confirmed in his Twitter account, now suddenly deactivated. The #CoronavirusChallenge was initially launched by a young British user, but unfortunately many on the web have decided to emulate it by publishing their videos. 

Now, the social network TikTok has said that it will remove all videos considered irresponsible in this emergency situation, with the hope of never having to see such revolting youth videos or challenges again ...

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