Coronavirus: a boy leaves toilet paper and disinfectant outside the door for couriers to use -
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Coronavirus: a boy leaves toilet paper…
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Coronavirus: a boy leaves toilet paper and disinfectant outside the door for couriers to use

By Alison Forde

In the days of the Coronavirus pandemic, when authorities all over the world issued travel bans and restrictions, everything, even the most obvious, seems different and difficult to deal with. From the hours spent at home to shopping, it is not at all easy to face everyday life. Precisely with regard to shopping, shops and supermarkets all over the world have often been stormed by people who have bought huge stocks, almost as if we were in a period of war, with the inevitable consequence that many products are almost impossible to find.

Many choose online shopping and home delivery, but the situation is not easy even for couriers who are working at the time of Covid-19. An American boy from Kentucky, given the commitment and effort of the couriers who delivered to his home, decided to make a small gesture to make them feel more considered and, in some way, protected.

Giving Delivery Drivers Sold Out Items

Take care of the people who are taking care of you. Share this to help spread some positivity... and stay safe my friends!

Pubblicato da Evan Era su Venerdì 20 marzo 2020

Evan Rosenman, known on social media as "Evan Era", has decided to leave two simple objects that have now become precious on the porch in front of his house, available to delivery men and couriers: toilet paper and disinfectant. That's right: given that he had a sufficient supply, purchased before Coronavirus psychosis spread all over the world, the boy decided to offer some of these goods to those who need them.

"Courier: take them if you need. Thanks for your hard work!" Evan accompanied the supply of toilet products left outside the front door with these few simple words. The young man then filmed a video of the moment when the delivery boy arrives, and his emotion in finding himself in front of a gesture of such generosity made by a perfect stranger. "Dude, you're a true savior!" the courier couldn't help commenting.

Evan has given the whole world a splendid example of how, now more than ever, the world needs altruism, closeness and goodwill, rather than selfishness and negative attitudes.


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