China sends thousands of masks to Italy and leaves a poem on the containers to express closeness to the Italians -
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China sends thousands of masks to Italy…
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China sends thousands of masks to Italy and leaves a poem on the containers to express closeness to the Italians

By Alison Forde

China managed to get out of the emergency due to COVID-19 after taking extremely stringent measures for several months. From there the terrible epidemic that is affecting the whole world broke out: Italy is the second country most affected by the virus and the whole nation is facing particularly difficult and frustrating moments. The resources never seem to be enough, while the contagion increases and the number of deaths does not stop. In such a devastating situation, China itself has offered its help to Italy on more than one occasion. Xiaomi, for example, the Chinese giant, has donated tens of thousands of respiratory masks to the Bel Paese, also as a sign of gratitude.

The cases containing the masks, which have become so precious and difficult to find, have arrived in Italy; on each wooden box, however, China wanted to give Italy a message of brotherhood and deep closeness: "We are waves of the same sea, leaves of the same tree, flowers of the same garden". With Seneca's words, China offers all its support to Italy.

When they chose to expand their market also into Italy, Xiaomi was immediately well received by Italian consumers; now, the country needs help and, even considering the warm "welcome" received in the past, the Chinese giant has felt compelled to lend a hand in this difficult moment for everyone.

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