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A small girl was trampled by a crowd…
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A small girl was trampled by a crowd of people racing to buy toilet paper in an Australian supermarket

March 26, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

The Coronavirus epidemic may have started out in China, but has since then spread across the entire planet. Panic and hysteria are two of the biggest words on everyone's lips, and they only seem to be intensifying as more and more people contract the virus. Supermarkets across the world are experiencing extreme shortages in essential goods, like perishables and, believe it or not, toilet paper. It seems as though the only thing that is helping calm people's nerves right now is stocking up on survival necessities. People are adopting "every man for himself" mentalities, emptying shelves before anyone else has the chance to stock up on their own supplies. In one particular supermarket, a little girl was nearly trampled to death because people were panicking to get the items they needed before returning home. 

image: Wikimedia

The sad incident took place in a Coles, a supermarket chain in Australia, where people were waiting anxiously in line for the store to open. Once the doors opened, people started piling through the entrance. What they didn't realize in their mad rush was that a young girl had fallen down. Instead of taking time to help her, people not only stepped over her but stepped on her. In fact, they didn't even realize she was there. They were too busy trying to get to the toilet paper aisle that they didn't care what else was going on around them. The mom immediately rushed her daughter to the emergency room and, thankfully, she only suffered a minor injury to the knee. The supermarket's director reached out to the girl's mother, apologizing and assuring her that they would implement extra safety measures to keep the incident from happening again. 

Extra safety measures or not, this should be a wake up call to people everywhere. We need stop giving into panic, calm our nerves, and start thinking about the people around us. The only way we're going to get through this is if we do it together. 


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