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A disabled girl can't hold back tears…
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A disabled girl can't hold back tears after being the victim of an episode of bullying

March 16, 2020 • By Alison Forde

There is nothing to be done: bullies exist and, unfortunately, they will continue to exist if a more careful and strict education is not promoted in the family and at school. When we ask ourselves how in the 21st century it might be possible to find ourselves having to face problems such as racism or bullying, two phenomena sometimes connected by a thin red line, we are wondering how it is possible that apparently heartless people exist in the world? Because that's what this is about: when you verbally or physically attack a "weaker" individual, you can only be heartless ... and accompanied by a good dose of cowardice.

Kerry Arnold is the mother of a disabled girl who was targeted at school - the bully attacked her physically, leaving her with obvious marks on her face and arms. In a desperate post, mom tried to speak for her 12-year-old daughter, Aalyha. 

Aalyha is affected by Angelmen Syndrome, a genetic disorder that involves several disabilities, including those related to language. The sweet girl, in fact, is unable to communicate her needs in words or her moods, but this does not mean that she does not feel joy, pain or sadness like all of us.

Kerry, like many other mothers, recently decided to take a step forward and to publicly share the bullying episode that involved her daughter Aalyha and to give voice to all her sadness and anxiety, following a similar event. Little Aalyha attends a school in Hamilton, her hometown, which also caters to children with special needs; given her condition, however, Aalyha is an easy target for the school bullies and on this occasion, the mother wanted to express the seriousness of the matter. Aalyha was attacked by one of her peers, who left obvious marks on her arms, back and face. 

In the video, published by her mother, the little girl can barely hold back her tears. Kerry said that's how her daughter feels on a "typical school day".


Could it be that school (and family) has miserably failed to recognize and correct certain harmful behaviors among today's kids? Bullying is an unacceptable phenomenon, which, unfortunately, takes root every day in this world which, gradually, is losing every bit of kindness.




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