They diagnose a tumor in the mother and leukemia in the child: after 3 years they manage to defeat the disease -
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They diagnose a tumor in the mother…
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They diagnose a tumor in the mother and leukemia in the child: after 3 years they manage to defeat the disease

By Alison Forde

Life can be really unfair at times, making us face up to challenges that always seem bigger than us and our abilities. Fortunately, there are stories that, despite their drama, manage to have a happy ending and rekindle hopes in many other situations. This mom was 40 when she was diagnosed with colorectal cancer, while her eldest son was just 4 when they found out he had leukemia. For Vici Rigby it was traumatic to be diagnosed with cancer, - her first thought went immediately to her children - but it was even more to be told that George would need to have a long period of therapy.

via: Mirror

 "It is as if someone has pulled a rug from under your feet" explained Vici, who in these very long 3 years has never given up. "At the beginning it was hard: the whole family had to pray to receive not one, but 2 miracles!" The bad news came first to Vici and a few months later the bad news was for son George, who was only 4 years old at the time. It is unimaginable to understand how a parent of a cancer patient feels. Fortunately, George responded well to the treatment right away and the whole family has always had high hopes for his recovery.

The day both Vici and George were free of the horrible diseases was a day of celebration.

At the beginning it is more difficult, because you think that day - the last day of therapy, the one that precedes the good news - will never come, but you must have faith and continue fighting. "When you're sick, get trapped in your hospital routine and plan your life around it. When suddenly they tell you that you're cured, you can finally think about the future, book the holidays and plan anything without having to worry anymore," explained Vici. The staff at the Worcester hospital did their best, supporting little George and mom Vici at all times.

We want to wish this beautiful family the start of a new and happy life!


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