This teacher who had not been paid for months was sleeping inside the school and his students help him with a donation -
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This teacher who had not been paid for…
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This teacher who had not been paid for months was sleeping inside the school and his students help him with a donation


For many, teaching is more than a job—it is a vocation, to which one has a duty to respond despite the difficulties that can be encountered in carrying out such an activity.

The difficulties, in fact, are many and range from having to often deal with unruly teenagers and children -  and their parents - to not being paid on time every month, depending on the state and city where the teacher works.

In any case, becoming a teacher is the dream of many hopeful young people, especially because of their desire for and commitment to positive change - for this reason, being a teacher can be the most beautiful job in the world!

Bruno Rafael Paiva is one of those teachers who decided to continue obstinately to do his job, despite the fact that the school administration had not paid him for at least two months.

Consequently, he did not have enough money to pay his rent, and he was forced to live and sleep inside the school building.

via: Metro
As was mentioned previously, the young teacher had not been paid for at least two months although he was actually substituting for one of his female colleagues who was on maternity leave.
When Mr. Paiva asked why he had not been paid, he discovered that due to the famous bureaucratic "red tape" in his country (Brazil), his name had not even been included on the teachers' payroll list!
A serious shortcoming that had forced him to live within the walls of the school building itself, literally sleeping on the floor between the school desks. In fact, the young man could not even afford to pay for a rented room near the school.
Mr. Paiva is evidently a teacher who is highly appreciated by his students because as soon as they learned about his situation, they all wanted to show him their support.
The students in his class decided to give their favorite teacher a gift because he had done so much since they had known him to keep their commitment to getting a good education constant!
Without Mr. Paiva expecting it, the whole class joined forces to raise $400 BRL as a gift. Someone in the class must have filmed the scene because from an online video (4:41) you can see the teacher's reaction with your own eyes.
Mr. Paiva appears visibly moved by that gesture and almost immediately his eyes filled with tears that ran down his cheeks and the whole class gets up from their desks to go and embrace him.
This is the inspiring story of a good teacher who did not give up in the face of difficulties, and his appreciative students who recognized his value and steadfast vocation.

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