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Every day, this dog waits on the driveway…
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Every day, this dog waits on the driveway for the postman to give him a splendid welcome

March 06, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Who said dogs and postmen don't get along? It is certainly one of the many stereotypes that we often mistakenly take for granted. If we broaden our views, however, we will realize that there are many animals and men that contradict, day by day, what we consider obvious.

Just like Moose, Michigan's splendid Golden Retriever who, every morning, instead of scaring or trying to chase away the postman, behaves in a way as opposite as it is unusual and adorable.

The postman in this story repeats, as usual, the same circuit, delivering letters and parcels on the streets of the area of ​​his route. Among these, there is also the street where Moose lives who, instead of trying to drive the man away, decided that he had to make him a friend at all costs. And so it was.

The exhuberant dog, when he sees the postman approaching, sits patiently on the driveway at home, begins to wag his tail excitedly, and finally jumps on his hind legs to give a beautiful hug to his human friend. After a first episode like this, the gesture has become a real custom for Moose: every time he sees the postal officer, he never misses an opportunity to greet him in his own way.

 Speaking with the postman, Meghan, the owner of the beautiful Golden Retriever, discovered that the man had recently lost his family dog: for this, the gesture that Moose makes in a sweet, tender and sincere way has a meaning even more  special and beautiful.

After all, what could be better than a dog that, unconditionally and affectionately, offers comfort to a person he knows? All that remains is to wish many excellent deliveries to this very lucky postman!

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