She offers to be a surrogate mother for her sister and then they both become pregnant with twins -
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She offers to be a surrogate mother…
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She offers to be a surrogate mother for her sister and then they both become pregnant with twins


Annie Knott and Joby Johnston are a couple who live in Ohio and who have lived the painful and widespread experience of not being able to have children.

For five long disappointing years, the two have tried to have a child in every possible way, from in vitro fertilization to the most experimental therapies, without obtaining success.

Consequently, exhausted and almost resigned, the couple decided to accept a proposal made by Annie's older sister Chrissy in 2011 when she had offered to be a surrogate mother for her sister Annie.

And so, in early 2019, the three of them decided to embark on this remarkable adventure that would lead them to expand their family considerably.

When the two sisters went to the fertility clinic, they decided to have both embryos implanted, thereby, making a final attempt with Annie as well.
During their visit, the doctor had warned them about the possibility of a multi-birth pregnancy, but for both sisters, that possibility was welcomed and absolutely not a problem!
And of course, fate, who does not lack a sense of irony, made sure that this last attempt was also a successful one for Annie—and so shortly afterward the sisters discovered they were both pregnant with twins!
At first, the family was cautious about celebrating because too many times in the past, things had not gone as planned, and they wanted to avoid further illusions and disappointment.
However, after a few months, when it was clear that their big bellies were continuing to grow, then reality set in—their four little babies would soon be arriving!
And since the four babies would be born from two mothers who are siblings and have the same father, technically the babies would all be siblings, too.

As excited as I am about turning 34, I'm even more excited that we made it to 36 weeks today!! Here's our 10/10 baby bump picture. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Pubblicato da Annie Kortlandt Johnston su Giovedì 10 ottobre 2013
The two sisters had decided that they wanted the four siblings to all have the same day of birth so on 24 October 2019, a Cesarean was scheduled for both sisters.
The first to give birth was surrogate mother Chrissy, who delivered two twin boys and the second was Annie, who instead gave birth to two beautiful twin girls.

Good Morning! Just wanted to share this video I took for my mom this morning - these four are pretty happy in the morning! Ohayo!! #johnstonquads

Pubblicato da Annie Kortlandt Johnston su Mercoledì 26 marzo 2014
You can imagine the upheaval and the excitement in the life of this family after the arrival of their four newborn babies! In fact, the living room became a temporary nursery until the four babies could be transferred to cribs!
Furthermore, Aunt Chrissy, who we should remember was only a surrogate and not the biological mother of the two twin boys—lives near them, and helps out when she can with the intense but satisfying task of raising four twin babies!
One day, as soon as the little ones are old enough, the two sisters have already planned to reveal to the children the wonderful story that led to them becoming a large, noisy, and very happy family.
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