A four-month-old baby girl "rings" the…
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A four-month-old baby girl "rings" the bell that signifies that she is finally cancer-free

February 07, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Little Lilian Grace Borden, the protagonist of this extraordinary story with a happy ending, was four months old when she was diagnosed with cancer.

In fact, in September 2019, doctors discovered that she had a cancerous tumor near her brain stem and spinal cord.

The doctors were very cautious with Lilian's parents, telling them that perhaps their little baby would not be able to survive the chemotherapy treatments.

But Leanne, the mother, and the little girl's father never lost hope that the chemotherapy treatments would instead, have a positive effect and not be lethal for their baby.

In fact, after a three-week chemotherapy session, the doctors were able to confirm that little Lilian had reacted well to the chemotherapy treatments and the tumors had been completely eliminated.

A miracle that the ecstatic parents of the four-month-old baby could hardly believe!

In any case, at the end of their nightmare, they whole-heartedly thanked their relatives, friends, and all the complete strangers who had supported them and helped them financially to pay for their little baby's medical treatment through a GoFundMe campaign.

Thanks to proper and timely medical care, this four-month-old baby was able to become "cancer-free" and at the hospital where she was admitted, she "rang" the bell which symbolizes the complete recovery of the patients in the pediatric oncology ward.

Here is a video of the little baby and her happy parents in that joyous moment, that has been immortalized and shared many times on social media platforms.

Congratulations and best wishes for a long and happy life, little Lilian—you deserve the best that life has to offer!


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