This student revived a high school teacher by performing CPR (chest compressions) learned in school -
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This student revived a high school teacher…
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This student revived a high school teacher by performing CPR (chest compressions) learned in school


When we are faced with an emergency situation, we must act immediately, letting ourselves be guided by determination and logic while at the same time keeping a cool head, and trying not to panic.

It is not easy and not everyone succeeds, but surely that is what Salim Mohamed, a young student from Metro Tech High School in Phoenix, Arizona, was able to do.

The high school boy, by remaining cool and unflustered, immediately knew what to do when he saw a woman at his high school manifest the unmistakable signs of a malaise that was certainly not to be taken lightly.

Ellen Driscoll and a colleague of hers were strolling as they normally do around the high school grounds at lunchtime when Ellen noticed that the woman she was walking with was about to pass out.

After asking for help from some of the students that were nearby and calling 911 for an ambulance, Ellen Driscoll had done all that she could do.

Fortunately, Salim was one of the students who had heard Driscoll's calls for help. After looking at the unconscious woman lying on the ground and noting her symptoms, Salim realized that her heart had stopped and then he needed to act immediately!

So, remembering the life-saving CPR technique, he had memorized during a first aid course at school he started giving her chest compressions and rescue breaths!


For about five minutes, he calmly and resolutely continued applying the standard 30 chest compressions and two rescue breaths on the unconscious woman, in a situation that was not easy, especially given the seriousness of the woman's condition.  

Salim's efforts, however, were amply rewarded when the teacher regained consciousness right before the ambulance arrived and she was rushed to the nearest hospital.

"He was like an angel," said Ellen Driscoll as she told the news media about the episode. "I was very afraid for my colleague, and having someone who was ready to help who knew what to do was simply magical."

This life-saving CPR technique performed by Salim was a truly heroic act, but he says that he simply put into practice what everyone should know how to do.

Doctors later confirmed that the woman had a heart attack and that Salim's intervention was providential to saving her life. All that remains is to congratulate him on a job well done! Kudos to you, Salim!


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