This school bus driver bought gloves and hats for all of his little passengers who were suffering from the cold -
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This school bus driver bought gloves…
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This school bus driver bought gloves and hats for all of his little passengers who were suffering from the cold

February 06, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

In Kennewick, a city located in the northwest state of Washington, the climate is particularly cold in the winter.

Of course, the people who live in this city are used to the cold, but it is not always guaranteed that everyone can defend themselves effectively from the intense cold.

For some, in the city, it is not always possible to dress their children so that they are adequately covered and protected with warm clothing.

In fact, John Lunceford, a school bus driver who takes the city of Kennewick's children to school every morning, knows this very well.

Realizing the difficult family situations that some of them may have been experiencing, he decided to act generously and selflessly to improve their daily lives.

via: CBS News

Our staff members have big hearts and on Thursday one bus driver acted on his when he saw a student in need. The...

Pubblicato da Kennewick School District su Domenica 11 dicembre 2016

In itself, being a school bus driver is a joyful profession and activity that gives a person the opportunity to represent a friendly and trustworthy adult figure for children.

Lunceford, however, is much more, since he has decided to help take care of the children on his school bus route in an even more practical way.

Consequently, to make sure that they are warm when they got off his yellow school bus, he has bought hats and gloves to give to all of his young passengers who need them.

It all started when, one morning, a young boy got on the school bus in tears, with frozen and chapped hands and a red face, complaining about the excessive cold he was feeling.

Lunceford, without thinking twice, put his own gloves on the boy's hands, and then he decided to buy and donate gloves to all the other young passengers as well.

As a grandfather, for Lunceford, it is particularly painful to see any child who is suffering, especially for the lack of warm clothing in the winter.

Therefore, after buying new gloves and hats for the children on his school bus route, Lunceford went to the school administration and asked for help in finding the first little boy he had loaned his gloves to.

And when Lunceford found him in the school library, he presented the little boy with a new pair of warm gloves and a hat to make sure he keeps warm!

image: Pxhere

And the best part is that this man is a good person who is modest and reserved and did not do any of this to gain popularity.

In fact, it was the Kennewick School District that wrote about the incident and shared Lunceford's photo and story online—and this was the way that he has become known to so many people around the world.

After all, this is a story about human kindness, generosity, and compassion which are all values that no one should ever lose sight of.


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