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A dog continued to bark at his pregnant…
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A dog continued to bark at his pregnant owner and doctors discovered that the woman had a serious kidney infection


Everyone who has a dog knows that this animal can sense danger when and where we humans do not perceive it in the least.

Dogs know perfectly well when a storm is approaching or when, for example, a human is about to have an epileptic seizure.

Alhanna Butler's male dog named Keola, however, must have felt something even more serious, as he could not stop barking at his pregnant owner.

Keola, a beautiful specimen of an American Akita dog, instinctively knew there was something wrong with his human "mom".

via: Mirror

Keola's owners, Ricky and Alhanna Butler had adopted Keola when he was just a puppy and have been a happy family for years.

One fine day, the couple realized that their family would soon be expanding, as Alhanna was pregnant with a baby boy.

As the days went by, the woman's pregnancy advanced and the faithful dog seemed to take note of the situation as if he knew that soon there would be a new arrival in the family.

Over the months, however, Keola began to turn his attention to his owner's pregnant belly a little too aggressively, eventually barking directly at Alhanna.

The couple could not understand their dog's attitude, except for thinking that perhaps Keola felt jealous at not being the center of their world anymore.

However, although even the simplest pregnancies are known to cause significant pain, Alhanna's was definitely beginning to go in the wrong direction.

And despite the severe back pain the woman had begun to experience, the doctors reassured her that her condition was normal for pregnant women.


Keola's barking, however, showed no sign of stopping and the dog continued to bark in the direction of his pregnant owner, getting increasingly stronger and louder!

The moment when Alhanna decided to listen to her dog was when Keola suddenly stopped barking and simply stood very still and looked deep into her eyes.

It was as if the dog was begging the woman for help. Alhanna got scared and decided to post a photo of that event on Facebook, perhaps to ease the tension of that very spooky moment a little.

However, her Facebook friends suggested that she listen to her dog's warnings!

Moreover, at this point, Keola's warnings had changed—the dog had stopped barking and started to cry, while at the same time, gently pushing Alhanna's pregnant belly with his muzzle.

Alhanna did not need to have all the warnings repeated again and went immediately back to the doctor to investigate those back pains! And after a few quick tests, the woman was rushed to intensive care.

The doctors had discovered that Alhanna's back pain was not simply due to pregnancy, but was being caused by a very serious kidney infection.

In fact, the woman had just managed to get to the hospital in time to receive all the necessary emergency treatment to save herself and her baby—and the doctors said they had never seen a more serious case of kidney infection.

Therefore, if Keola had not kept on barking and trying to communicate with Alhanna in every way he could, the woman and her baby would not have made it.


Fortunately, Alhanna managed to recover and her pregnancy continued smoothly without any further complications.

And Lincoln, their little boy, who was born several months later, was, of course, completely unaware that he would not have survived without the help of their beloved family dog, Keola!


Just look! The two are the best of friends and adore each other!

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