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A woman filed for divorce due to her…
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A woman filed for divorce due to her husband's poor hygiene: he insisted on not taking a bath

February 03, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Couples break up and marriages end due to a thousand different reasons.

However, it was probably never the case that such an important decision was made on the basis of a husband's poor hygiene.

That's right! A young Indian couple, Soni Devi (20 years old) and Manish Ram (23 years old), are seeking a divorce because the man persists in not taking a bath!

The woman who was exasperated by his bad smell and also lack of manners and proper etiquette decided to resort to legal proceedings.

Before engaging lawyers, however, the State Women's Commission sent a two-month ultimatum to her husband, giving him additional time to change his unhealthy hygiene habits and general behavior.

via: Tribune
image: Reddit

The fact is, the woman's husband, a plumber, has always shown a marked indifference regarding his personal hygiene.

The woman said that the man does not shave, shower, or brush his teeth regularly. Apparently, Manish could even go 10 days without taking a bath.

At one point, the woman said enough is enough! And not being able to endure such mortification any longer,  she demanded to be allowed to file for divorce as soon as possible.

Manish, for his part, said he had no intention of divorcing her, but he did express his willingness to improve his personal hygiene and his behavior.

Some Internet users on social media platforms have commented that the reasons for the divorce appear somewhat trivial.

But in other comments, many people have expressed their complete agreement with the woman's decision.

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