This grandpa was not able to sell his dollhouse furniture and a young woman helps him by posting his photos -
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This grandpa was not able to sell his…
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This grandpa was not able to sell his dollhouse furniture and a young woman helps him by posting his photos

February 10, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

There are people on whom life and destiny have not always smiled.

For them, many unfavorable circumstances have meant that they have become elderly and have found themselves in situations that are certainly not cheerful or comfortable.

A case in point is Don Ramon, 70 years old who, after a life of hard work, was still unable to live with tranquility and satisfaction because of his poor economic conditions.

Despite the fatigue, Don Ramon was forced to continue working, although his business did not yield as much income as he had hoped.

A chance encounter with a kind and big-hearted young woman, however, changed his situation greatly.

Pubblicato da Fer Valle su Lunedì 6 gennaio 2020

After more than 35 years as a carpenter, Don Ramon was still forced to continue working to survive.

Unable to do his job on building construction sites, the elderly man decided to devote himself to making handmade toys, which he already had done in the past as a hobby for his own daughters when they were young.

Thus, he began to manufacture and sell his pink dollhouse furniture, from a stand positioned outside a zoo in Chilpancingo, Mexico.

However, business never took off, and the elderly man's economic situation had gradually deteriorated.

At least this was the situation until one day Fernanda Valle, a young woman, was walking near the zoo and saw his stand and approached Don Ramon.

It did not take her long to understand that the elderly man had a sweet and gentle nature and a troubled history behind him.

Pubblicato da Fer Valle su Lunedì 6 gennaio 2020

After a pleasant chat, Fernanda decided that, with a small contribution on her part, she could do a lot for Don Ramon.

So, she published photos of him and his handmade dollhouse furniture on social media platforms, effectively advertising the 70-year-old man's business!

At that point, something miraculous happened. Thanks to the power of the Internet—Don Ramon's story was seen and shared in a blink of an eye on social media platforms.

In fact, thousands of people have seen and shared in turn the images that portray the elderly man and his dollhouse furniture stand outside the zoo.


A large number of users have shown interest in his old-fashioned artisan products, so much so that they go there specifically to purchase them!

And the fame of Don Ramon has also crossed the borders of Mexico, given that the man has also received several requests from buyers from the United States!

After all, this 70-year-old man only needed to be listened to and to have his handmade dollhouse furniture advertised a bit to attract more customers.

Now, thanks to this young woman's small gesture with its big impact, this grandfather will finally be able to sleep more peacefully and make some money selling his beautiful handmade dollhouse furniture.


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