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A mother dog leads shelter volunteers…
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A mother dog leads shelter volunteers to a house where other animals were being locked up and abused


A malnourished stray dog named Clover was noticed by some residents who contacted the volunteers at the animal protection organization Royal Animal Refuge, in Spalding County, Georgia.

When they arrived on the spot, it seemed that the female dog desperately wanted to communicate something to the volunteers!

However, everyone believed that she was trying to get help for her puppies, or at most, that she probably wanted to show her newborn puppies to the volunteers.

They discovered, unfortunately, that Clover wanted to communicate something much more important!

Therefore, thanks to her insistence they found a hellish place where numerous animals had been locked up and abused, among which were several that were seriously undernourished and sick.

And at least six other animals were already dead.

"We thought maybe Clover was taking us to her puppies, but it was much more ... it was a horrible sight that we will never forget!", said the volunteers in a Facebook post and as was also reported by the Newnan-Times Herald.

The horrifying scenario that they saw was a dog, a hen, two ducks, and two rabbits—all dead in their cages; a dog with a paw in very serious condition, so much so that it had to be amputated, and other malnourished and abused animals.

Police have arrested and charged Ashley Greshman, a 27-year-old woman with six felony accounts of aggravated animal cruelty reports the Newnan-Times Herald.


Nevertheless, somehow, in that infernal place, the gentle mother dog Clover had found a torn pillow with which she had made a dog bed for her newborn puppies.

Initially, the volunteers had become aware of the situation thanks to a call from some residents who had contacted the refuge after seeing a mother dog with puppies, that was practically nothing but skin and bones, wandering around the property.

But when the volunteers arrived at the site they said that they were unable to catch little Clover!

"She would not let herself be caught and continued to want to take us closer to this house!"— In fact, with every step forward, she turned to the volunteers to make sure they were following her.

"Please, follow me! I have something to show you!", the little dog seemed to be saying.

Consequently, four more dogs and ten puppies were found, undernourished and in poor condition. Now, all the surviving animals are recovering and learning to get used to trusting humans again.

Moreover, both little Clover and her puppies are also safe and looking for a loving family to adopt them.

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