These two identical twin sisters have always shared everything in life and now also the same man -
These two identical twin sisters have…
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These two identical twin sisters have always shared everything in life and now also the same man

January 23, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

As children, our parents always taught us the importance of sharing - be it toys, food or anything, as good brothers and sisters, usually, we always tried to share as much as possible.

When it comes to twins, however, the focus is on diversifying activities according to their individual inclinations.

Evidently, this was not the case with the identical twins Anna and Lucy De Cinque, two sisters who have always done everything to resemble each other as much as possible and to share the same experiences.

The matter seems to have gone even further since the two have also decided to share the same man.

Anna and Lucy De Cinque come from Perth, Australia, and in 2012 they met a young man named Ben Byrne online, with whom they both fell in love.

To tell the truth, all three of them fell in love very quickly, so much so that today the trio plans to start a family together.

The identical twins, having shared every important stage of their life together, would both like to have a son with Ben. Possibly at the same time.

Before the big step, however, they also have another desire—to marry the same man!

However, marrying the same person at the same time in Australia is decidedly against the law. As for marriage, therefore, it does not seem that the trio can arrive at a successful resolution.

On having children in a similar situation, however, the law does not forbid such a decision. From a legal point of view, therefore, there should be no problem with each twin having a child or children with the same man.

However, the matter does call forth the moral question when it is realized that, in so doing, the children of the twins would become half brothers (or sisters) and half cousins.

Furthermore, Ben would become at the same time, a father and informally a brother-in-law but not really an uncle because he is not related to the two identical twin sisters by blood. Thankfully, he is not their brother! 


Now, you have a headache from trying to figure all this out, don't you?

In any case, the point is that these two identical twin sisters have made some unconventional decisions and now they may find themselves facing challenges bigger than they had thought.

What do you think of this whole story?!

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