The owner of this cafe hired a homeless man who had come there to beg -
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The owner of this cafe hired a homeless…
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The owner of this cafe hired a homeless man who had come there to beg


The world is full of people in need and of other people who can help and do a lot of good for others.

In those moments, when we decide to do something for those who are less fortunate than us, we are certainly giving an example of kindness and mutual respect, values ​​that should always be kept in the foreground.

It is not uncommon to witness unpleasant scenes in which people in need, perhaps homeless, enter public places and are asked to leave by the owners or employees, who are annoyed or afraid of losing their customers.

This is certainly not a reaction that can be attributed to a young woman named Cesia Abigail Baires, the owner of Abi's Café in Minneapolis, Minnesota, who has given the world a splendid lesson in generosity and mutual respect.

via: CBS News

When Marcus, a homeless man, asked the young woman for money, Cesia could have driven the man out of her cafè, adding humiliation to the shame that he clearly felt at being forced to beg.

Or he could have been given a few coins and sent on his way. Instead, she did none of this.

In fact, Cesia decided that she would make a more positive and concrete gesture toward not only this man but also to her customers and herself.

Consequently, she not only invited Marcus to remain in her cafe but also offered him the possibility to work for her. All this despite the fact that the cafe was not doing very well financially in that period.

There is no need to try to describe the happiness of this homeless man, who immediately accepted her proposal.

All the previous attempts that Marcus had made to find a job had failed miserably; especially once the possible employers had seen and confirmed his current condition as a homeless person.

And, above all, when they found out that he had just been released from prison, after serving a sentence for various petty crimes.


Cesia, however, decided from the start to show trust, openness, and mutual respect.

And therefore, from what was initially going to be a temporary job to help out when the other employees had to be absent, Marcus's work as a dishwasher and helper has now become more stable and important for the cafè itself.

The man, in fact, with great seriousness, has shown everyone that he can do it—namely, that he is able to work hard and make an honest living.

All thanks to a young woman who was able and willing to help him change his life practically overnight.


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