He is 23 and she is 60: every day he…
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He is 23 and she is 60: every day he defends her from cruel comments

June 16, 2021 • By Alison Forde

In love, how important is an age difference? We are sure that we will always find someone ready to defend the thought  "just be happy, age does not matter" and someone else who no longer believes in this beautiful "fairy tale". In short, there will always be those who will not look favorably on those relationships in which the age difference is larger than usual. 23-year-old Quran, however, does not care much for these opinions, because he claims to be delighted in his relationship with a woman who is 37 years older than him. You got it right: he is a 23 year old man, while she, Cheryl, is a 60 year old woman! Beyond age, it's enough to look at a photo of them to see the age gap: Cheryl's face is decorated with her wrinkles and clearly shows all her years, if not even something more. Users have gone over board with very negative comments regarding their romance, but do you think they care?

No one likes being the easy target of criticism and negative opinions, and while Quran and Cheryl are happy together, the young man is often forced to defend his girlfriend from the negative comments he constantly receives. Comments that, to be honest, are not kind even towards the young man, as many users doubt his mental health or, alternatively, are convinced that Cheryl is a very rich woman. These are the alternatives that most people suggest, since they are hesitant about their story: "Is it true love? Otherwise their relationship cannot be explained!". Is it possible that no one believes in sincere feelings anymore? Besides, it's no one but Cheryl and Quran's business, whether the two are happy together or not.

Quran has a habit of posting a lot of videos in Cheryl's company on his TikTok account and this is where users go wild. It must be said that, in any case, there are 458 thousand followers subscribed to his channel: a not bad goal for someone who is constantly criticized for his choices in love! Some viewers have asked them if their family approves of their relationship. The response was not long in coming and both Cheryl and Quran responded positively, in unison. Cheryl's children are older than Quran, but that doesn't stop them from being happy for their mother. If she has found happiness with this guy, why not accept it? Fortunately, among the many negative comments, there are also supportive phrases full of positivity, which suggest that not everyone is "envious" of the happiness of others.

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