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During his funeral, a little girl wears…
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During his funeral, a little girl wears the helmet of her firefighter father killed in a bushfire in Australia

January 11, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The devastating bushfires that have hit Australia since autumn 2019 have taken on the characteristics of a real catastrophe.

At the expense of the terrifying bushfires are not only millions of animals, trapped and with no escape from the flames, but unfortunately, also human beings.

We are talking about brave people, who have often lost their lives in the fulfillment of their duty. Firefighters, among all of them, are those who take the greatest risks.

Consequently, these tragic events are always distinguished by farewell ceremonies dedicated to those who we can define, in all respects, as heroes.

Andrew O'Dwyer, a 36-year-old volunteer, was one of them, and he lost his life due to a burnt tree that while falling, made the truck that he was traveling on go off the road.

And at his funeral, one unforgettable scene has moved the whole world.

via: 9NEWS

Dwyer left behind his wife, Melissa and a little daughter Charlotte, a one-year-old girl, who quickly became one of the symbols of this Australian tragedy.

In fact, due to her very young age, at her father's funeral, the little girl obviously did not fully understand what was happening.

Consequently, what she could see was only that many people were in tears, and she had heard that her father would no longer be with her, but, of course, she was not able to comprehend the situation.

However, with an innocence that to define as moving would be an understatement, the little girl did not want to leave even for a moment her father's coffin.

Furthermore, she even tried to console those who were present and wore, for most of the funeral ceremony, her father's helmet.

A helmet won with love and in honor of a very special and altruistic man, who just like many other people who have dedicated their services, had just wanted to try to help during a completely disastrous situation.


In the midst of so much devastation, such an emotional scene is both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.

Certainly, this is an image that will remain etched in everyone’s memory for a long time.

And, all of us can only hope that tragedies of this kind can somehow be prevented and no longer be the cause of such pain and loss.


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