Stopped from entering the post office with her dog, she covers it with her jacket to protect it from the cold -
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Stopped from entering the post office…
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Stopped from entering the post office with her dog, she covers it with her jacket to protect it from the cold


Sometimes it can happen that we witness scenes as unexpected as they are full of meaning.

In fact, when we least expect it, the world around us can surprise us, fortunately, not always in a negative sense.

And it is often the smallest gestures that manage to strike us the most, warming the heart and brightening our days.

Just like what happened to Kristina Hollie, a woman who in Cambridge, Massachusetts, witnessed, together with a colleague, a truly wonderful scene, which once again reminds us how far love for an animal can go.

via: The Dodo

While Kristina Hollie was waiting for the bus in Harvard Square, she could not help noticing what was happening in front of the nearby post office.

Evidently, a young woman was running her errands with a lovely little dog in tow. However, when she tried to enter the post office, the employees would not allow her to bring her four-legged friend inside.

So, after tying her dog to a nearby tree, the young woman suddenly realized that the poor animal was trembling due to the cold temperature and strong wind.

So, without thinking twice, she decided that she could not leave her dog like that, so, she took off her warm jacket and literally wrapped it around her little dog.

And to prevent the dog from getting out of the jacket, she closed the jacket with the zipper, thereby, creating a safe and warm "refuge" for her little furry friend.

Seeing all this, Kristina felt that she had to personally compliment the woman, who in turn thanked Kristina for the compliment while, however, making it clear how important the well-being of her dog was for her.

The scene attracted the attention of many passers-by, so much so that the images of this little dog sitting on the sidewalk wearing his lady owner's green jacket quickly made the rounds on the social media platforms.


No doubt about it! This is yet another proof of the fact that the love between a human being and a dog is an incredibly special relationship, consisting of mutual love and care that knows no limits.

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