After graduation, this young woman went to her bricklayer father's workplace to thank him for his sacrifices -
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After graduation, this young woman went…
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After graduation, this young woman went to her bricklayer father's workplace to thank him for his sacrifices


It is not uncommon for this to happen, and many will surely have experienced or have heard of such stories.

Just like the story involving Yudit Romero, a young woman from Paraguay who was able to complete her degree in Educational Sciences thanks, above all, to the sacrifices of her father, a bricklayer by profession.

For this reason, the young woman decided to thank him publicly, in a very special and moving way.


Her father, Don Blas Romero is a humble bricklayer, and he does not have much to offer his children, materially.

However, all that he manages to earn with his hard work, has always been used for his three children, and for whom he has been disposed to make any and all sacrifices necessary.

With this in mind, he has managed to allow them to study and to see them successful and independent, a goal that would make any parent very proud and happy.

Perhaps this is precisely the greatest aspiration of every father and mother, and for Don Blas Romero it has not been less.

Yudit, the youngest child in the family, understood well the importance of the sacrifices made by her father, which allowed her to spend time in Argentina to further her education.

When the degree and certification were finally hers, without thinking twice, she immortalized the moment when she went to the construction site where her father was working to thank him in person.

"My degree also belongs to you and mother—with your hard work, both of you have allowed us to study. Thank you, dad, it is thanks to you and your sacrifices," said Yudit to her father, who was moved, could not help but mirror the happiness of his daughter with a tender embrace.


These are simple words, perhaps obvious, but only in appearance.

The bond and gratitude that unite parents and children when it comes to episodes like this are truly special feelings, which strengthen the relationship and give joy and hope.

All that remains is to wish this young graduate Yudit Romero and her family all the best!


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