Do not betray the friendship of Gemini people and if you are faithful they will be the best companions that you can have in life -
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Do not betray the friendship of Gemini…
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Do not betray the friendship of Gemini people and if you are faithful they will be the best companions that you can have in life


There are no half measures for people born under the sign of Gemini (May 21 - June 20): Either you are friends or sworn enemies.

Not only are they extremely idealistic people with a strong sense of reciprocity and friendly loyalty, but Gemini people also possess the extraordinary gift of communication.

This is a precious tool through which they manage to create a vast network of friendships and contacts.

image: Pxfuel

Those born under this sign have a very active and lively mind, they learn things easily, and are often self-taught. Furthermore, if they trust their great potential, they are able to achieve great goals.

Thanks also to their impressive speaking skills, Gemini are the right people for all those who do not like to be bored! Gemini people are always ready with a joke and they are the first to propose new things to their group of friends.

But, although they love to surround themselves with faithful people, very often those born under this sign also love taking time for themselves—like real lone wolves.

Gemini are also extremely compassionate people, therefore, they usually act without too much delay when trying to help others and make them happy, which is why they often feel emotionally drained.

In short, it is not easy to keep up with a Gemini, because even before thinking, they will already be in action!

Extravagant and always complex people, Gemini are real social chameleons.

They are able to adapt to various topics, discussions, and points of view of the most dissimilar people and they are also generous and very faithful friends, as previously stated.

However, being idealistic, they will never tolerate betrayal. Instead, they will exit from your life and never look back!

Finally, those born under the sign of Gemini are very independent people. And they hate feeling restrained in a relationship that they consider to be too suffocating.

But as soon as you give them a sense of freedom, you will have them by your side forever!

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