This woman closed her coffeehouse temporarily to help out her terminally ill competitor's locale -
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This woman closed her coffeehouse temporarily…
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This woman closed her coffeehouse temporarily to help out her terminally ill competitor's locale


Sometimes in life, things happen that have the power to hit us in a, particularly, hard way.

Especially, when we become aware of unexpected bad news, or unusually touching or painful facts, the best of our qualities can manifest themselves.

And perhaps in precisely those moments, we are able to make a valuable contribution to those who really need it.

Case in point is what Pixie Adams, a woman who owns a coffee shop in Oak Grove, Oregon, did when she learned that her friend and direct competitor Dave McAdams had a terminal illness, and had only a few months to live.

Learning that an acquaintance is very ill and does not have much time left to live is certainly not pleasant for anyone.

Pixie, however, wanted to process the news in her own way, and her reaction was one that was full of altruism and generosity.

In fact, looking past any loss of profit or economic income, the woman decided to close her own shop, for one entire day, to help her business "rival" who has terminal cancer.

Moreover, Pixie, the owner of the Moonlight Coffeehouse, had met Dave and his wife Tina, previously, when the two, had first opened their coffee shop, The Local Coffee Company, not far from her coffee shop.

Between the three, there had immediately been a good connection, also because both Dave and Pixie had survived cancer.

Unfortunately for Dave, however, despite having already survived the dreaded critical stage twice, his illness had returned and, with the third relapse, his health situation had become much more serious than ever before.

Now, his treatments against cancer seemed, unfortunately, in vain, and his life expectancy became less and less day by day.

Consequently, forced to stay at home, Dave could no longer help his wife Tina, who had to make a huge effort to keep their coffeehouse running.


Pixie, for her part, as soon as she learned about their situation decided to take action. She closed her Moonlight Coffeehouse and went to help her friend Tina, completely free of charge.

Therefore, for a whole day, Pixie gave up her earnings, thereby giving a nice contribution to the earnings of her local "competitor". A clear and wonderful example of how important friendship is, also when business, profits, and money are involved.

Gestures like the one made by Pixie show once again that in the world it is still possible to find empathy, understanding, and practical compassion by letting oneself be guided by these values that are often underestimated.


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