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A man saves a lynx and a deer from a…
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A man saves a lynx and a deer from a wildfire and after a few months they are part of his family


You would never believe your eyes and your ears, but friendship, or perhaps tolerance or acceptance, who really knows, between a wild deer and a red lynx, is possible.

This can certainly be confirmed by George, who in his home not only lives happily with several animals but among them, there is also a splendid red lynx and a beautiful deer, all living under one roof!

Seeing them all together, it looks like a Disney fairytale, instead, it is an everyday reality and a beautiful story ... of improbable friendship!

Benji the red lynx was rescued when he was just a kitten during a wildfire that hit George's house.

On that occasion, George had rescued both Benji and a small deer during the wildfire and had raised them as if they were pets. Since then, although it may not seem even possible, this dubious couple has formed a bond like no other!

One thing for sure is that George has a house full of different animals and everyone seems to get along! There are dogs, a deer, cats, and a red lynx, that play and roam around in the corridors and rooms in George's house as if this were completely normal ...

Just take a look! See, we told you that they seem to be the protagonists of a Walt Disney fairytale!


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