Suddenly fired, for administrative reasons, this doctor visited his patients on the hospital sidewalk -
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Suddenly fired, for administrative reasons,…
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Suddenly fired, for administrative reasons, this doctor visited his patients on the hospital sidewalk


One of the professions that can give greater satisfaction, despite the enormous sacrifices, is that of the doctor.

In fact, to be a doctor includes not only passion and dedication to the science of medicine but also a strong sense of human values ​​and solidarity.

This is a life choice that doctor Rodrigo Ferreira, who is the protagonist of this true story, has chosen to follow and consequently, for him his profession has turned into a real vocation for helping those most in need.

Dr. Ferreira, 31, one day reported for work at the hospital in Itapajè in Brazil, to start what he thought was his usual shift at the hospital, only to be told that he had been, without warning, fired due to internal changes just announced by the new hospital administration.

In addition to being apparently dismissed for no good reason, the young doctor could also no longer visit the patients who had an appointment with him that morning. And then Rodrigo Ferreira came up with a brilliant idea ...

Having already scheduled appointments, the doctor decided to offer his help and his professional opinion even without the help of an outpatient clinic.

Therefore, he informed his patients that he had been fired but that he would still see them, so he quickly returned home, got a chair and a table and, one by one visited all the patients he has scheduled that day ... directly from the sidewalk right outside the hospital!


A gesture of total dedication to his profession and respect for his clients that has been posted and seen far and wide on the Internet thanks to a video that was made right there in the street!

A video that shows the good doctor Rodrigo Ferreira administering to the needs of his patients one by one ...  on the sidewalk in an improvised outpatient clinic! Kudos to Dr. Rodrigo Ferreira!


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