This 5-year-old girl sells hot chocolate and cookies to pay her classmates' canteen debts -
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This 5-year-old girl sells hot chocolate…
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This 5-year-old girl sells hot chocolate and cookies to pay her classmates' canteen debts


Kindness is a virtue that can be put into practice in various forms and ways.

This virtue should not seem useless, or perhaps a waste of time in today's world, where such acts may seem to be increasingly scarce.

Quite the contrary! In fact, it is really nice to see someone like Katelynn who like many others, is giving a positive example regarding solidarity.

Specifically, in this particular case, Katelynn Hardee, a 5-year-old American girl decided to help her classmates in a way that was motivating and practical at the same time.


What did she do? With great purpose and determination, she began selling hot chocolate and fresh cookies at a homemade stand to pay off the debts of 123 pupils who were unable to pay the school canteen fees.

These are students just like her, but evidently, their parents could not afford to pay the school canteen fees.

However, no child should stay in school all day without being able to eat some nourishing food. And Katelynn, aware of this, decided to get busy to help out with a wonderful gesture.

Consequently, with the help of her mother, she built and set up an outdoor stand, and all the earnings were intended to be used to pay off the debts of the pupils whose parents had not paid their canteen fees at her school in San Diego.

To accomplish her objective, Katelynn worked hard and used a lot of her time on the weekends to bake the cookies and prepare the hot chocolate.

Her gesture of solidarity immediately had great resonance, so much so that it attracted the attention of many people, as well as the principal of her school, who gave Katelynn an award to recognize and highlight her selfless action.

The money raised from Katelynn's stand, in the end, was enough to pay off the canteen debts and guarantee a meal or snack for all the students whose parents could not afford it.

It was a motivating and practical gesture, carried out by a kind and determined little girl. Katelynn demonstrated once again that sometimes, children are able to give us life lessons, from which we can find inspiration.


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